Welcome to the first edition of the Goa Environmental Film Festival! The festival is being held in the beautiful state of Goa from 3rd - 5th June 2023, on the sidelines of the G20 Summit being held under India’s presidency. Do join us as we embark on a cinematic journey that sheds light on the pressing environmental issues of our time. Our festival is a platform for thought-provoking films that inspire, educate, and ignite conversations about the state of our planet and the urgent need for environmental action.

Cinematic Reverie: Awakening Environmental Responsibility

Embark on a captivating cinematic journey that urges us to embrace our responsibility for preserving our environment through stunning visuals and compelling storytelling.

Cinematic Chronicles: Unveiling Our Interconnected World

Explore films that reveal the interdependence of our planet, addressing climate change, biodiversity loss, deforestation, ocean pollution, and sustainable living, igniting awareness and action.

Eco-Cinematic Convergence: Inspiring Transformation

Join our lineup of award-winning films, from renowned directors to emerging talents, as we transform perceptions and ignite action through powerful environmental storytelling. Let's make a difference together.


To register for the Goa Environmental Film Festival, please click here. In case of any difficulty send an email to register@goaeff.in.

Delegate bands for registrants can be picked up at the ESG Counter at the Festival Venue on Friday, June 2, 2023 from 4-7 pm.


  • Alcarràs

    Carla Simón

  • Antarctica

    Anthony Powell

  • Baato

    Lucas Millard, Kate Stryker

  • Between Land and Sea

    Ross Whittaker

  • Coral Woman

    Priya Thuvassery

  • Dhivarah

    Giridhar Nayak

  • Did you Do it ?

  • Ek Tha Gaon

    Shrishti Lakhera

  • Entangled

    David Abel

  • Fe203: A DREAM

    Olivia D'Cruz

  • Global Warning Kashmir Chapter

    Jalal Ud Din Baba

  • Green Nettle

    Freddie Reed, Nick Lear

  • Gyamo

    Gautam Pandey, Deol Trivedi

  • Hadwin’s Judgement

    Sasha Snow

  • Into the Dark

    Michael Snyder

  • Kalsubai

    Yudhajit Basu

  • Log Drum of Pessao

    Wanmei Konyak and Millo Tako, Chonglise Sangtam and Lamthanglian Vaiphei

  • Looking for Sultan

    Gautam Pandey, Deol Trivedi

  • Malcata- The Tale of the Lonely Mountain Range

    Miguel Cortes Costa, Ricardo Guerreiro

  • Mannge Thapnee, A Prayer for the Crocodile

    Olivia D'Cruz

  • Manta Ray : Peng Yu Sai

    Nitye Sood, Malaika Vaz

  • Metamorphosis

    Nova Ami, Velcrow Ripper

  • Moving Upstream : Ganga

    Shridhar Sudhir

  • Mulsotan: The Rooted

    Janatik Shukla

  • Murmurs of the Jungle

    Sohail Vaidya

  • Rat Trap

    Rupesh Kumar Sahu

  • Remembering Kurdi

    Saumyananda Sahi

  • Sagarputra

    Pooja Das Sarkar

  • Saxtticho Koddo

    Vince Costa

  • Spirit of the Forest

    Nandini Rao Nirupa Rao Kalp Sanghvi

  • The Batman and Batwoman of India

    Emily Driscoll

  • The Burning Fields

    Justin Weinrich

  • Tale of the Sleeping Giants

    Marko Röhr

  • The Elephant Whisperers

    Kartiki Gonsalves

  • The Last Hope

    Dhiraj Aithal, Pradeep Hegde

  • The Love Bugs

    Allison Otto, Maria Clinton

  • The Plastic Bag Store

    Robin Frohdart

  • The Call of the Pashmina

    Taira Malaney

  • Tortoise Under the Earth

    Shishir Jha

  • Um Mar de Lixo

    Tânia Paiva

  • Wade

    Upamanyu Bhattacharya and Kalp Sanghvi

  • Zenerù

    Andrea Grasselli


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